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25/11/2009: The Start Of Real-time Trading Of Cfd On Share Indices
«Alpari» announces the start of real-time trading of CFD on share indices: #CFU9 (CAC 40 Index), #GXU9 (Dax Index), #ZU9 (FTSE 100 Index), #NXU9 (Nikkei 225 Index). These instruments were available for trading only on alpari.demo accounts before. Starting from September 14 CFD trading will be available on Classic accounts.

Before that the traders could trade only CFDs on American share indices, such as S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100. The requests of our customers resulted the widening of share indices range. The private investors can benefit from the new trading instruments. Now they have the access to the largest global exchanges: Pan-European Euronext NV, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

CFD contracts on share indices have certain advantages. The owner can make money both on rise and fall of the underlying asset price. These derivatives are traded with minimum spreads and the margin is fixed and can't rise together with the difference of contract price.

When trading futures on share indices with relatively small deposit the owners of Classic trading accounts can find great liquidity of the stock market, which was available only for the large investors before. But now when the range of share indices is widened «Alpari» customers have global opportunities in the proper sense of the word.



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