25/11/2009: The Smart Dealer 1.2.0 New Version
It's our pleasure to announce for the Smart Dealer 1.2.0 new version. Through this version, Limit/Stop orders are managed through smart dealer in two ways weather "Accept Always" orders or "Reject Always" orders (as before). By this option, it's applicable now to allow for auto accept Limit/Stop orders for a particular group. Once you run smart dealer for specific group and you configure it for "Accept Always" Limit/Stop orders, while the System General options is configured foe manual Limit/Stop order filling, that means implicitly an auto acceptance for Limit/Stop for this particular group, and the others are still manual..

For more details about smart dealer, be with us at the forum thread http://www.hybrid-solutions.com/forum/showthread.php?t=582



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