20/08/2010: Signed A Partnership Agreement With Forexcent

Administration FXPortal.ru pleased to announce the conclusion of partnership work with the company ForexCent (www.ForexCent.com).

World currency market (Foreign Exchange Market, or simply Forex) - by far the ample global financial market. But he appeared not so long ago. The beginning of its development laid the collapse existed about a century of the gold standard by which exchange rates determined by gold standard: the member countries of the system to guarantee the sale of gold for the national currency at a fixed price. This system was imperfect, and began to crack after the First World War, and its last traces disappeared in 1971 when the U.S. Treasury has abolished the practice of buying and selling gold at a fixed price. Since the mid 70-ies there was a practice the so-called "floating exchange rates, which varied depending on the ratio of supply and demand in a particular currency.

The possibilities for arbitrage operations gave a strong impetus to the development of FOREX in its modern sense, and now his daily turnover of hundreds of billions of dollars, and some days may exceed a trillion. The basis of the market is the largest commercial banks of developed countries: for example, British Barclays Bank, American Chase Manhattan Bank and several others. They are constantly bilateral quotations of all relevant currencies, most determine their exchange rate dynamics.

Shifting prices have a significant impact state-owned banks (in conducting foreign exchange intervention), major investment funds, pension funds, large insurance companies, and sometimes even major corporations, self-performing management free asset.

Currency trading has been largely off-the nature and conducted in different ways. For example, remotely via a currency broker such as a company ForexCent (www.ForexCent.com), which tells its customers current headlines coming from other market participants, on the means of trade and information system Metatrader.



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