02/03/2010: Moneyrain :: Minimum Spreads Sizes For All Trade Volumes!

Due to our efforts to continuously improve our product offering, we will be making modifications
to the terms of trading in Forex instruments. Minimum spread sizes will now be available for
trades of any size!

You can open positions from 0.1 of a lot in the Standard group of the MRC-MetaTrader 4 terminal
starting from 15th February 2010. Transactions in the Standard group will be carried out with the
minimum spread sizes which were previously only available for professional trading of  0.5 of a lot
or greater.

In addition, spread sizes will decrease for the currency pairs EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD,
USDCHF and will be as follows:

EURUSD – 0.00005
USDJPY  – 0.005
GBPUSD – 0.00010
USDCHF – 0.00010

Due to the nature of the change, an additional symbol will be introduced after the dot in the price of
a financial instrument in the Forex quote.

From 15th February 2010, trading in the Professional and Minimal groups will be available only for the
closing of orders. We request that clients with open positions in the groups above move to close the
positions in the period leading up to 22:00 GMT on the 19th February 2010
. Any positions
remaining open at the end of this period will be closed automatically.

The Professional and Minimal groups will not be available for trading on the 22nd February 2010.



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