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21/02/2011: Liteforex :: 1.5 Points From Each Transaction In The Multirebate System

LiteForex group of companies has implemented a revolutionary principle of spread reimbursement in a new MultiRebate system. The project puts into practice the reimbursement of maximum possible spread in the amount of 1.5 points from each transaction.

MultiRebate is a unique service as funds are accrued not only to the clients who conduct trading operations but also to partners.

Due to the advantageous proposal made by LiteForex, the task of attracting clients is becoming much easier. When a Partner becomes a member of the MultiRebate system, he significantly increases his referral base and earns much more money compared with working in the standard program. As soon as a referral logs in into the MultiRebate, instantly 0.4 points from each closed transaction are deposited to a partner’s account.

MultiRebate opens prospects for all market participants. Professional traders, who conduct a large number of transactions increase their income due to significant savings on spread; therefore, people who wish to have their own highly profitable business in the Forex-industry earn money by participating in our affiliate program.

You can find a detailed description of the new LiteForex service, logging into the MultiRebate site.



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