25/11/2009: In May 18-21, 2009 Forex Expo Invites You To Cyprus, Limassol

WORLD FOREX EXPO is a huge event which holds in different countries worldwide. This is a unique show with a long tradition. Since the very first event, the Forex Expo has pursued the goal of bringing together international professional FOREX market players and help to get an unrivalled opportunity to promote their products and services to the international market.

From Sunday to Wednesday in May 18-21 are four days that can make a huge difference in your success. International FOREX conference “FOREX market: boundless opportunities of financial and brokerage services in the world” will take place in Limassol.

The conference will gather a different international public from all over the world and will make an important contribution to the development of this topic.

All delegates will be able to get the most burning information on all important and interesting matters.

The dynamic conference program educates delegates on all the latest technological advances in the FOREX services and meets the needs of each individual delegate by providing detailed information and solutions on such topics as: internet trading on the FOREX market, platforms for brokerage companies, software (programs of analysis and risk-management, portfolio management), quick access lines, trading instruction on FOREX market, FOREX market tools, strategy and tactics on the FOREX market, FOREX market indexes, trading tactics, trading platforms and technical analysis and many more.

FOREX CONFERENCE is the best place for discussions about every aspect of FOREX market.

It is a focused market conference that addresses how this market is enhancing profitability and providing integrated solutions in today's financial economy.




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