25/11/2009: Broco Investor: Better Execution At Better Prices. Starting New Product

"Broco" group of companies is to start launching the platform of new generation - Broco Investor. Trading at demo account is available since November, 14.

At the moment in Russia there is no similar service which would enable Client to connect with the market directly.

The innovation is that one of the most wide-spread platform for traders MetaTrader 4 is connected to Currenex system directly thereby providing Clients with facility of direct participation at the Forex market. It enables to arrange better execution at better prices due to the high level of the market's liquidity as well as supply and demand volume among vendors and buyers. Thus traders obtain advanced trading facilities ensuring more effective transactions with relation to price.

Till the present time terms of Currenex made available only the position starting from 10 lots ($1 million); whereas new service from Broco provides you with opportunity to start from $1000. This product is attractive for both investors dealing with round accounts and for traders who concentrate on intraday strategies.

The result of introducing new service is that Broco is ECN broker now - a new- generation-broker capable to satisfy Clients' needs of financial service of high quality.



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