10/12/2009: Accruing 2% Annual Interest On Free Margin

Your Free Margin is about to start bringing you an additional profit in case you have only used a part of your balance or have decided to take a break from trading!

We are pleased to announce that starting from October 1st 2009 a 2% annual interest will be accrued on your trading account Free Margin!

Terms of annual interest calculation and accrual:

  • Annual interest is only accrued on the amount not used in trading operations, i.e. Free Margin, accounted as your trading account's Equity (current balance minus floating profit/loss of open positions) minus Used Margin.
  • A daily amount of your annual interest is calculated on a daily basis at 00:00 (CET) according to the current state of your trading account and being accumulated.
  • The amount accumulated throughout the month is being accrued on your trading account from 1st to 5th of the following month.
  • Annual interest is not accrued on Islamic (SWAP-free) trading accounts.
  • The amount accumulated throughout the month is not accrued on zero balance trading accounts (on the accruing date) and is transferred to the next month when the balance is topped up.



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