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18/03/2009Mb Trading Earns Top Rating In Barron’s 2009 Review Of On-line Brokers

(El Segundo, CA) – January 28, 2009 – MB Trading (“MBT”), a technology-driven, low-commission brokerage specializing in order routing in securities including Equities, Futures, FOREX, Bonds, and Options through various global exchanges, earned the highest rating given of 4.5 out of 5 stars in Barron’s 2009 Review of On-Line Brokers. MBT tied for first place in the trading technology category and was ranked second overall in a field of twenty-five competitors.

“This achievement validates that MB Trading is an overall solution for traders,” said Ross Ditlove, CEO of MB Trading. “Our competition includes large, multi-billion dollar corporations, and we’re very pleased that we not only came in second, but also topped most individual categories including trade commission, technology, and client services. These components have been the cornerstone of MB Trading’s services for over ten years.”

MB Trading remains a privately held brokerage firm by design. The company maintains a debt-free balance sheet and prides itself on its organic growth, which was a major contributor to the successes of the last year. Internal growth and strategic acquisitions allowed the company to bring to market web-based and wireless trading along with in-depth options tools and an across-the-board expansion of its trading platforms, including advanced charting and research for traders.

Only two firms earned the 4.5 overall rating, and MB Trading tied for top honors in the separately rated categories of “Best for Frequent Traders” and “Best for Options Traders.” In addition, the company received a nod on the list of “Best for International Traders” for its innovations and services in the FOREX arena. MB Trading’s technology drives the highly regarded FOREX ECN, 3DFOREX. While FOREX trading is a minimal portion of the Barron’s review, MB Trading is a pioneer in the field with direct access and transparent currency execution systems.

“We’ve worked hard over the last year to move our technology forward and also to provide more avenues of support and interaction with our clients and prospective customers,” said David Lipsett, Executive Vice-President of MB Trading. “Barron’s readers are highly knowledgeable about the industry, and we’re honored to receive their accolades. MBT will remain on the offensive and continue to grow through acquisition and internal innovation. Our purchase of EFX Group in 2008 was the foundation of our new MBT University and the brainchild of Chris Mercer, Director of the University. Our University courses are now filled to capacity several weeks out, which demonstrates that our model of connecting third parties to our order entry and account management systems and giving those third parties a method to showcase their products to the market, works.”

MB Trading has now earned a top rating in Barron’s reviews each year since 2004. The principals of the firm believe that with the recent turn in the economy, opportunities exist for acquisition of key technologies and services that will further position the company for long-term growth. “We maintain a building mode,” added Lipsett. “If you look at the winner this year, they’ve been acquired by a much larger player. Our goal for 2010 is nothing short of winning the top slot.”

28/01/2009Mb Trading Launches Mbt University

(El Segundo, CA) – January 28, 2009 – MB Trading (“MBT”), a technology-driven, low-cost brokerage specializing in order routing in securities, futures, foreign exchange instruments, bonds, and options through various global exchanges, announced today that it has launched its new website with a new on-line training facility MBT University. The University is a major enhancement designed to educate traders about all of the markets covered by the company’s Award-Winning* Navigator software, as well as all of the third party tools that connect to MB Trading.

“As our offerings have expanded, so has our need to streamline the open dialogue that we maintain with our customer base,” said Ross Ditlove, CEO of MB Trading. “The University is designed to provide a forum for our customers to get answers to their questions, whether they trade stocks, forex, futures, or options. We’ve always done this, but the scale of communication and the 24-hour response time for our customers to get the answers that they need has increased exponentially with University. We want to treat our retail customers, our institutional clients, and our third party developers and programmers equally. Our priorities in designing the University were real-time customer support and a rotating webinar schedule that meets the needs of retail customers in different time frames globally. We believe that the brokerage industry must maintain full transparency with clients now more than ever, and MB Trading is happy to continue to lead as the electronic trading industry matures.”

Another key design factor was making sure that as many low-cost communications tools were available to the public as possible. Customers around the globe can contact the company in a variety of ways, including on-line chat, Skype, telephone, and e-mail. The on-line webinars themselves are free to everyone and include voice, text, on-line screen-sharing, and Powerpoint presentations using the latest Adobe Connect software.

“Look at everything that we’re doing from a trading perspective, and MBT University matches that philosophy,” said Chris Mercer, Director of MBT University. “In forex, we’ve eliminated the deal desk model to align ourselves with the interests of our customers. In stocks, we offer a trading technology that has topped Barron’s list for active traders for years, and we offer this with some of the lowest commissions in the business. With the launch of MBT University, our goal is to make sure that our traders understand the markets, software, and trading styles of their preferred asset class. We do better when our customers know more, and this lets us answer their questions and get constant feedback at no cost to them.”

MBT University plans to offer up to 15 courses a week at various times a day. Registration for each event is handled on the Company’s website, and customers are sent automated reminders ahead of the event as well as recordings of each event when it is completed.