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19/02/2010Fxopen :: Pamm - Security For Money Managers And Investor

By popular demand, the performance of Money Managers utilising the FXOpen PAMM system can now be viewed in public via

The FXOpen PAMM is the first Money Management system of it's kind for the Metatrader 4 platform that offers such an unprecedented level of transparency giving potential investors a near real time view of the true performance of any number of Money Managers. You can judge true profitability based on equity changes (profit/loss/drawdown) rather than just changes in account balance.

A high level of safety is provided for both Investor and Money Manager with a secure back end that automatically takes care of management fees, profit shares and ensures that all conditions agreed to in the Money Manager's offer are adhered to in full. What you see is what you get.

For information on how the FXOpen PAMM can help you, please visit

08/08/2008New E-currencies Options Added

We are happy to announce that we have added two new ecurrencies to our deposit options:

1. c-gold - website
2. altergold - website

As of right now, you may use these new ecurrencies for deposit and withdrawal, and all deposits are instantly processed into your trading account!

A discussion thread about this has been opened on the forum at Please leave your feedback in this thread. We would love to hear from you

06/08/2008E-gold Withdrawal Fee Increase

As you know, the situation with E-Gold is becoming worse every day and it is becoming more difficult and more expensive for us to deal with the ecurrency so we are forced to update the terms with regards to E-Gold deposits.

As of 11th August 2008, all E-Gold deposits will incur a 60% fee on withdrawal. This applies ONLY to E-Gold deposits made AFTER 11th August 2008.

All E-Gold deposits made BEFORE 11th August 2008 will remain on the current of a 20% fee on withdrawal.

We apologise for having to increase the fee again, and we hope you understand that there is no alternative left for us but to discourage the use of E-Gold at this time

01/04/2008Fxopen/talkgold Trader's Competition Started
The FXOpen/Talkgold trader's competition has started! You may start your trading. Please follow the competition rules