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Works from: 2007
Country: Russian Federation
Market: Cryptocurrency, CFD, Forex, Metal, Options

Leverage: 1:1000
Spread EUR/USD: 3 points
Floating spread: 0.1
Swap free: Yes
Deposit (mini account), $: 1
Standart deposit $: 10
Platform: Autochartist, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

Supported language: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Czech, English, French, Georgian, German, India, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Demo account: unlimited

Account funding:
Bank Transfer, BPay.md, Credit Card, Neteller, QIWI, RBKMoney, RuRu, Skrill, WIRE Transfer




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User comments

Epshi 25/11/2020 08:25

As I am belongs to a Muslim family I usually trade those brokers who offers Swap free account and also have good reputation in FX market. After screeching a lot I fund Instaforex broker they offer Swap free account and  have very has goodwill in forex market. Therefore, I opened a Swap free account with $100 and got 55% bonus on my deposit.  I traded with this amount and got optimistic experience. Their spread is good, execution time is so quick, and no reqoutes. One month later I increased my deposit and added $500 more within three months I earned $784 which is good enough of me. Last Monday I withdraw $400 from my profit and money came to my Skrill  account  within 2 hours. Very nice feeling so far!  



Sefina 26/10/2020 06:26

I appreciate that Instaforex is very generous with their demo account. Most brokers only allows a month of demo trading but with Instaforex, there is no limit. And honestly, I think a that a month is not enough to really practice trading and familiarize myself with the trading system. Aside from that, this broker conducts contests even for demo accounts. Sadly, I still haven't won any as of now. But I will do better to win at least once.


Motilal 01/04/2020 13:1

I have preferred the Social trading platform and the Instaforex broker is the best option for me in the market. Because I can use the Zulu Trade platform with them and their fixed spread is the best for me. The order execution is fast and their server is stable too. While I am serious about my withdrawal and I can withdrawal my profile from their local IB, no problem yet. I've enjoyed the outstanding performance of forex trading with InstaForex broker.


Jonarthan 22/01/2020 06:22

I've enjoyed trading with the Instaforex platform and I, ve applied many trading strategies on deferent trading accounts. But their forum account is uniqe in the market. Besides, I haven't faced any delay executions or withdrawal issues with themselves. so I have only positive things to say about them. Because till now I, ve made $1.5K profits and withdrawn all the amount of money smoothly so far.


Otuhla 10/04/2018 13:10

I am a professional trader, I have been trading with InstaForex for almost 3 months and since then I had no big problems.  The main reason  using this broker because their integration and no commission policy that they have with ZuluTrade. I am using their singles which are very portable specially  Gold and Crude Oil even they provide most of the singles free of cast.  Last month I made profit around $900.  Three days ago, I made a withdrawal request for $600  and the payment was made after 3 hours through Skrill. So that I am more convinced joined InstaForex!  


Tallfx 22/02/2018 21:22

I have a standard account with InstaForex, with a Start-up bonus of 1500$. The platform is working good without delays. I trade two major currency pairs EUR/JPY and USD/JPY, gold and shares. The broker is one of the best on the market, with inovative technology. I had tow times a situation where my positions were closed during the night and I had losses, but after I called their support team they reopened my positions and have back my money. To withdraw is easy up to 5 hours it took for me to get approval at 500$ withdraw. 


Ube Liyoume 24/11/2017 05:24

I started with a little amount worth $50 and luckily, the outcome of my positions are quiet impressive. I remember the first time I bought EUR/JPY for a competitive rate and I was very scared and tense to close my order as the market quote kept on bouncing. Thanks to the daily analysis as it serves my guide. I closed my deal with a smile on my face. I got the highest price and they instantly honored my order. If my memory serves me right, the total profit I earned in my 1st week of trading was around $39. And now, I still subscribed in their daily news and analysis. Before I forgot to mention, I met some of their analysts during the conference held in Singapore last month. I was very lucky because I met them personally. The conference held in Singapore last month was very educational and informative. 


AmineFx 21/09/2017 13:21

WOW. Great job on InstaForex PAMM System.I am very happy to found the second way to earn money with my Job. It is InstaForex PAMM System, while I didn't know details about forex market and its Trend. But expert Traders are doing trade for me and they have given me profit percentage. Actually, I am a PAMM Investor, Recently I have invested $200 a PAMM account with InstaForex. I have chosen a pamm-trader by sawing his current balance, current profitability, investors/followers, amount of orders, activity days, the minimum investment, the graph of profitability from the PAMM rating page. I say it is a big opportunity to me for earn money by the safe way. Yesterday I got some profit amount of $50 USD by the investment. Today already I have withdrawal request of $30 through Skrill and the amount credited within two hours from InstaForex account. I am happy with my extra income. Special Thanks to InstaForex for their great service, which gave me this kind of opportunity of income. 


Mirandafx1985 11/05/2017 00:11

For me, InstaForex is the only broker which provides excellent trading conditions for forex market. I started with this company since 2015 and up to now, the experience is very positive. I didn't have to make any initial deposit as I took advantage of non deposit bonus and after passing verification levels, I received a bonus of $80. I made my first transactions with EUR/USD and USD/CAD using that money and after a week, I doubled the initial amount. Making a withdrawal is very easy, I do it by Neteller and all the process only takes a few hours, maybe 2h. Now I am using ForexCopy system as a follower and recently, I have found a trader with good trades to copy and commissions he charges are acceptable. I have copied some of them and got good earnings from them. 


KokoPip 06/03/2017 11:6

InstaForex is the best broker I've traded with so far. There are plenty of arguments to give. They are a pioneer on the market, always have the new services to help the traders like ( Autochartist, PAMM system etc), the best platforms MT4 and MT5 which work with fast execution and transparent prices, big variety of accounts, contests, and campaigns are a very big plus. You can with from iPhone to Lamborghini and VIP Footbal tickets. Well I had chosen this broker mainly because I like the conditions and the bonuses, the rest was a plus for me. I have 2 accounts one Insta.Standard trading account and one PAMM trading Investor account. I started with the first one around 10 months ago and I deposited 3000$ and applied for 55% bonus so I started to trade with around 4500$. When you have more money to trade and bigger volume, chances are you will get more profit and faster. I had profit 10k in 2 months of trading with 3k $ invested. I'm very pleased with this broker, it is very transparent in commissions. I use the ForexCopy trades system, Autochartist and Forex Calendar. My trades are exclusively on Black Gold ( Crude Oil ) and Gold.  The support team is very polite and helpful. Overall is has the best services and policy. I recommend InstaForex as it is client orientated. 


Erik Moon 20/02/2017 11:20

InstaForex very wonderfull and very special. They are brokers that provide the best service to all of its partners in various countries. Therefore, their customer support is also very friendly and able to serve in a variety of languages such as Arabic, Italian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and others. I've tasted a lot of bonuses from InstaForex contest, my profit also increased because I dare to increase the amount of my deposit. I can check my trading account  repeatedly within one day only through InstaForex Mobile application that also provides news about trading. While doing my withdrawal I usually also use InstaWallet which also serves to make transactions between accounts. InstaForex is the best of the past until now.


Antonio Rudiger 06/02/2017 07:6

For two years I did forex trading every day from morning to night, only one broker I choose that was InstaForex. I'm satisfied trading with InstaForex. InstaForex is a very good broker and didn't hesitate to give an advantage to their trader. I got my welcome bonus and trading with it and I got some profits, because they have instant execution, low spreads. They was a broker with very good services. InstaForex is a trusted broker with an extraordinary bonus program. I have only deposit USD 1 and I received a bonus of 100% from my deposit. I am very happy with the results I get from this broker and this trader didn't deceive their traders.  


Lala 17/11/2016 08:17

There are several factors which make me like InstaForex over their competitors. I travel a lot, I’m on the go almost year round. InstaForex provides me a mobile app, so I can still trade well with Java and Mobile Traders, they allowed me to view my open positions and to open new positions while I am away from my home computer. That's make me very happy and I will certainly continue working with instaforex.


Gbemisola 19/09/2016 13:19

I have been with Instaforex for over 7 months, and I have had great experience with this broker, I have enjoyed the up-to-date forex news and analytics on the website, which has really helped me in winning almost all my trades. They gave me bonus up to $100 to start trading, even before I could fund with with my money, I have already made some huge profits out of nothing. I have invested in PAAM account and MT4 myself, even when I just got introduced to Instaforex by my friend who advised me to learn trading forex with Instaforex Demo account before going into Live account, I was able to win contest I mean the Lucky Trader, which I won $1000 in the contest during my Demo trading, since then, after I started my Live account, success has been my story with trading with Instaforex, I bless the day I got Introduced to this great broker, Instaforex broker are just too good!


Kaynne 04/08/2016 22:4

The best broker I ever use. The best thing for me is the PAMM system. Even I don't have a lot of money, I can invest it in different projects, like a big bank. Trading with Instaforex is a pleasure!


Ame 01/08/2016 09:1

The trading platform at InstaForex is well designed and easy to navigate. InstaForex has user friendly interface and I only charge fixed low spreads. They are nice in offering rebates on my spreads based on my trading volume. Thus, trading at InstaForex is a good way to earn extra money.


Isah_Usman 31/07/2016 09:31

Everything that I need about forex complete in Instaforex and I can trading not just one account, I have one more account and using Instawallet, so I can change my money to another account.


AaronFx 21/07/2016 08:21

InstaForex is a real ECN Broker with a great mt4 platform. Service has always been professional and staff are very informative and helpful.  I tried to make some deposits/withdrawals - they was processed in 4 hours days without any problems but they promis


Phil 14/07/2016 22:14

have trade with instaforex for years. and right now I turn my interest on binary options. every five minutes I can make some money. wonderful products for people like me. but be careful, don't go bigger at the beginning.


Feya 14/07/2016 02:14

Good broker so far! It has a very stable platform, good spreads and a nice support team.


benjamin 13/07/2016 04:13

I’m satisfied with InstaForex’s service. I recently opened up a trading account with them to try them out. To date, they haven’t disappointed me. My second withdrawals were processed expeditiously and I have so far managed to receive my funds within hours. I have not experienced much requotes so far great that they support scalping and news trading low spreads


joram ahmed 12/07/2016 06:12

All my positions were executed and none of my profits were cancelled. Instaforex is the best broker. Follow the rules and you will become a successful trader. Forex trading is very complicated yet profitable. It is important to follow our own analysis and avoid the market noise because it is one of the reasons why most traders lost their money. TO those newbies, try Instaforex! They have a lot of bonus programs for newbies. The No- Deposit bonus is very useful. This broker will be the one who make the deposit for you. Your earnings from the bonus can be withdrawn anytime. 


Viach 11/07/2016 07:11

My experience with this broker has been more than expected. For the past two years execution is smooth and not a single trade has been lost; feed and prices are as I like them. I recommend! 


Deena 04/07/2016 07:4

InstaForex is the best broker. It offer a lowest deposit size and give a good bonuses to their clients. The spread, platform and customer support is sooo good.


Egganaufar 04/07/2016 04:4

I am really thankful for InstaForex because they returned to me the lost that I acquired when I encounter a trouble with their server and they have an excellent support that assisted me in the process. I love their promos and contests. It's good for a broker to provide some fun for its clients, at the same time a chance of earning for additional capital. And I say that InstaForex has a very fast execution and they gave a lot of bonuses.


RabiuMuazzam 26/06/2016 07:26

In my 2 years traidng expraince I had traded more than 5 brokers. Among them InstaForex is the best broker I ever traded. Good spreads, excellent service, never requote, fast execution and fast deposit but withdrawal has not been tried, the live support are very friendly and so many bonuses. They really deserves 5 star!


Irfkar 23/06/2016 09:23

InstaForex offers a wide range of high-level services, bonuses and contests. They always have something new to surprise you. I like the web platform WebTrader. I also recommend the VPS service and ForexCopy systems. Everything works very well. 


Rachel 22/06/2016 09:22

Trading with this company is a pleasure. I have several accounts and take advantage of different bonuses. Trading along with autochartist allows me to have a deeper insight into the market and technical analysis. It helped me great deal to boost my profits.


Nancy 20/06/2016 04:20

I have been happy with InstaForex from the get go. Good service, friendly and helpful competent stuff, MT4 trading platform. 


Charlotte 17/06/2016 03:17

t seems that this broker gives the best conditions for newcomers. In particular, these microaccounts and minimal lot of 100 USD which allows to minimize the risks. I like the contests on demo-accounts - it is very exciting, I can win money for my real account. I hope our cooperation will be fruitful.


Manny 15/06/2016 08:15

My account and deposit were all approved on the same day. It was a very simple process. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Looking forward to growing my business with Instaforex in the years to come.


fxdholem 14/06/2016 11:14

I get all the bonuses they promised last month and I have signed up to have ePayments and yesterday I've got it and can use it to meet my daily needs and certainly improve the quality of my trading. I highly recommend the InstaForex to everyone. You must really really must try this broker.


Kim 31/05/2016 10:31

Instaforex is one the best regulated forex company run by who I know the professional team and execution is guaranteed! They also have helpful 24/7, honest, no requotes, never freeze trading, excellent feedback, low fixed spreads and all deposits/withdrawals on time and quick. 


Mark Choi 18/05/2016 14:18

InstaForex is the best so far. Their InstaCredit is one of the best service for new forex trader. And I’ve never seen such as the PAMM and Forexcopy service of them. I never regret having them as my broker. They also have no requote, and customer is friendly. 


Yerin 11/05/2016 09:11

nstaForex has fast service, low spread, fast execution and a good selection of currency. I started with this broker almost year ago and have not problems with them. They are friendly and they do my transactions good and quick. They are good company.


Nazar Breus 11/05/2016 09:11

In May 2015, I started to study forex business with InstaForex; however I was surprised that they gave me a welcome bonus for my first registration. I find out that their spreads are always fixed and tight and execution of trades is really fast. They are really great broker with great system and services.  


Mikelpip 04/05/2016 20:4

Very happy with my trades and earnings with this broker. I could also learn several tips about forex market and its website always provides me all information I need.


Lim 25/04/2016 07:25

1.      I funded my account after a few months of virtual trading. I highly recommend InstaForex that if you are a beginner. Yes it takes short time to clear your funding, if you are in too much of a hurry for that you probably won't be a good investor. They have 2 interfaces, standard or new. I think the standard interface flows much better. The option investigator tools are excellent - I don't think I could live without them. I’m happy with the platform at InstaForex, execution, and rates. Also, the android/iphone app is great for making trades on the fly. 


Abbey 11/04/2016 09:11

Instaforex is an honest and reliable broker. I've been happy with my trading for almost 5 years in this industry. And I highly recommended this broker because of their remarkably service.


Arcuri 23/03/2016 04:23

What I like about Instaforex is that it has free account which is my need. As I am a hedging fan, it is suitable for me to trade in a broker allowing hedging. So far, I have been satisfied with InstaForex and I hope I will be trading with them in future.


lisa 08/03/2016 09:8

I noticed that they instantly approved all my withdrawal requests. Congratulation to Instaforex for speeding up the process.


InstaForex Gertrude 07/03/2016 06:7

Hello Traders!


This is Gertrude, one of the official representative of InstaForex.In behalf of InstaForex, we would like to thank you for choosing us as your broker and for giving us a very satisfactory rate. We will continue to provide an excellent service.


And for those who have problem in their accounts, Please contact the support service by one of these two emails support@instaforex.com or clients@instaforex.com, providing your account number so they can assist you regarding your problem. Thank you and have a good day!


InstaForex Gertrude


Olegfx 19/01/2016 18:19

Enough satisfied with all services provided by InstaForex. I joined this broker 4 years ago and I am happy with all my earnings and all knowledge I got from them. They offer good seminars online or courses and with customer care service, I feel very secure.


Hernandpip2000 21/10/2015 18:21

Very happy with all my trades at InstaForex. I started as a newbie in this market but I learnt a lot with courses and seminars online of InstaForex. Also, I can find useful material in its website, such as analysis, forecasts, and latest economic news. Spreads are very tight, especially in major currencies and with InstaRebate, I can reduce them even more.


Karen 15/10/2015 10:15

I started trading with them the first year they operate and this is the first broker MT5 that I used, very nice even their Mt4, very fast and also updated, charts are very accurate.


Brock 25/09/2015 07:25

Execution speed is the main thing, in ECN account and all account very very fast execution. This company is very good, no re-quote or delay like other brokers.


ALuwei O 24/09/2015 05:24

Been with them for a year and this company always finds a way to close my position without getting slippage and re-quotes.


Haryls 03/06/2015 04:3

I have been trading with InstaForex for 2 years now. So far I have been satisfied with their service. I can trade not only in the forex market but also global equities and commodity markets. All my trading conditions are met and I feel secure trading with them. I never regret having them as my broker. You should try to trade with them.


tony 24/04/2015 09:24

Instaforex contests are the best among the other forex brokers. You can easy earn up to $5000 without any risk.


Dew 20/02/2015 09:20

InstaForex is 100% professional broker! I haven’t faced any major problems with them so far. Only once was my order delayed. According to their support staff, this was due to a technical problem with the Server. In addition, InstaForex has good customer support, attractive bonuses and good execution time.


Smith 09/01/2015 09:9

I only have good comments about insta. My trading doesn't cease to improve with all educational material I found in its website. Spreads are tight and trading terms are excellent for newbies and professional traders. I highly recommend it.


Tina 05/01/2015 05:5

I traded with this broker last 10 weeks and I have to close my account. There are no update news; their execution is slow and platform is not stable. I also could not make a withdrawal, and when I asked them for support, I got nothing. Then I loss my money. Unprofessional broker ever.


M. Offermann 19/12/2014 22:19

InstaForex has many of the tools to give most traders what I need. I have gone with them for 2 weeks. Spreads are low, execution is good. I would give them 10 out of 10 rating.


CastilloFerran 11/12/2014 22:11

InstaForex is so professional and reliable. I have learned a lot since I decided to trade with this company. Also, I haven’t had problems with my withdrawals or my deposits. So happy up to now. 


Lenath 10/12/2014 05:10

I strongly recomment you trade with InstaForex. They provide many professional systems and serviecs. I do like deposit and withdrawal systems. I deposited fast and started to trade. After a period of time, I made withdrawal and get money in short time (about 4 hours).


Zahn 04/12/2014 21:4

I agree with all comments mentioned below. Instaforex is an excellent broker because it offers only high tech services and a great customer service to solve problems or concern's traders.


Illinois 24/11/2014 08:24

InstaForex is really good company, they make my withdrawals very fast. This broker is the best broker ever. Deposit and withdraw are so simple. I used this broker for 1 year and never saw any tricks or anything.


Ozd 06/11/2014 08:6

This is by far the best broker I have ever used. I trade with InstaForex for forex and futures. The customer support is amazing. I have never in my life dealt with better customer support. The spreads are also unbeatable. This broker comes to execution and everything else they do great.


manzzi 22/10/2014 22:22

I highly recommend this broker to everybody. They have fast deposit and withdrawal and many methods for doing so, too. Quick execution, good spreads and great customer service.


ricardoFx 10/10/2014 20:10

InstaForex is the only company that takes care for their clients and offer services according to clients' wishes. I am satisfied with their great contests and bonus offers. Client cabinet is well designed and all services are very accesible.


HurrPIP 11/08/2014 21:11

There are many options to fund your trading accounts and keep them rolling-over and as the deposit is simple and easier likewise I have no troubles in withdrawal from accounts. Just fulfill the required regulatory formalities of withdrawal and make necessary withdrawals whenever required.


Oliver.trader.fx 26/06/2014 21:26

After having tried with a lot of broker, I finally found Instaforex! For me, having found Instaforex was like a gift. All the relevant information they provide through their webpage is well understandable. Also, their trading platform is so useful, easy to manage and ejecutes my order very quickly. Now, I have a standard account with the forexcopy system, I like this system because it allows to copy deals of successful traders. I really recommend Instaforex.


Cattarock 20/02/2014 09:20

I trade with the company for more than 2 years. No serious complains. I like their servises


Fin 13/02/2014 08:13

Great support, deposit and withdrawal so easy.


Akiyo 20/11/2013 03:20

Customer support very fast, had no problem since start to trade with this broker.


natty 21/10/2013 02:21

I love it , I used for 2 years, it easy to withdraw and full of service minded.